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Original Article

Clinical and radiographic outcomes using third-generation bioactive glass as a bone graft substitute for multi-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion—a retrospective case series study
Gilberto Gomez, L. Erik Westerlund
The utility of intraoperative neuromonitoring on simple posterior lumbar fusions—analysis of the National Inpatient Sample
Ryan J. Austerman, Suraj Sulhan, William J. Steele, Saeed S. Sadrameli, Paul J. Holman, Sean M. Barber
Evaluation of K-wireless robotic and navigation assisted pedicle screw placement in adult degenerative spinal surgery: learning curve and technical notes
Fedan Avrumova, Kyle W. Morse, Madison Heath, Roger F. Widmann, Darren R. Lebl
Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion using a novel hydroxyapatite-coated screw: final 2-year clinical and radiographic results
Louis H. Rappoport, Kim Helsper, Torrey Shirk
One surgeon’s learning curve with single position lateral lumbar interbody fusion: perioperative outcomes and complications
Shay I. Warren, Harsh Wadhwa, Jayme C. B. Koltsov, John B. Michaud, Ivan Cheng
A retrospective comparison of radiographic and clinical outcomes in single-level degenerative lumbar disease undergoing anterior versus transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion
Ziev B. Moses, Sharmeen Razvi, Seok Yoon Oh, Andrew Platt, Kevin C. Keegan, Fadi Hamati, Christopher Witiw, Brian T. David, Ricardo B. V. Fontes, Harel Deutsch, John E. O’Toole, Richard G. Fessler
Don’t forget the pelvis: accounting for pelvic rotation in the preoperative assessment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Scott L. Zuckerman, Meghan Cerpa, Zeeshan M. Sardar, Lawrence G. Lenke
Intraoperative disc level marking with needle: a technical note and prospective study on 30 patients
Marc Prod’homme, Didier Grasset, Mélissa Lecocq, Duccio Boscherini

Review Article

Robotic navigation system utilization for percutaneous sacroiliac screw placement: surgical setup and technique
Joshua David Piche, Stefano R. Muscatelli, Muhammad Abdul-Aziz Waheed, Rakesh D. Patel, Ilyas S. Aleem

Case Report

Giant cell tumor of the thoracic spine causing acute paraplegia—a case report
Christopher Lucasti, Dil Patel, Bradley Hawayek, Mark Maraschiello, Joseph Kowalski
Congenital defect of the posterior arch of C1: a case report
Bilal B. Butt, Paul Gagnet, Rakesh Patel, Ilyas Aleem
Expectoration of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion cage: a case report
Parker J. Prusick, Shahbaaz A. Sabri, Christopher J. Kleck
Esophagopharyngeal perforation and prevertebral abscess after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: a case report
Jay K. Shah, Filippo Romanelli, Jason Yang, Naina Rao, Michael C. Gerling
Cardiac asystole following high spinal cord injury: a case report
Bradley Hawayek, Christopher Lucasti, Dil Patel, Mark Maraschiello, Joseph Kowalski
Subacute hemorrhagic cyst of the ligamentum flavum occurred in the lumbosacral transitional vertebra presenting as progressive lumbar nerve root compression: a case report
Kenya Watanabe, Katsuhiro Mitsui, Jun Sasaki, Daiki Kumaki
Post-op lumbar subdural hygroma: a case report
Siu Kei David Mak, Nim Cho Daniel Chan, Colum Patrick Nolan, Tung Wee Eddie Tan

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