Vol 3, No 2 (June 2017): Journal of Spine Surgery


June 2017, JSS
Ralph J. Mobbs, Kevin Phan

Original Study

Interlaminar endoscopic lateral recess decompression—surgical technique and early clinical results
Zeinab Birjandian, Samuel Emerson, Albert E. Telfeian, Christoph P. Hofstetter
Relationship between depression and clinical outcome following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
Kevin Phan, Dane Moran, Thomas Kostowski, Risheng Xu, Rory Goodwin, Benjamin Elder, Seba Ramhmdani, Ali Bydon
Lumbar fusion surgery for degenerative conditions is associated with significant resource and narcotic use 2 years postoperatively in the commercially insured: a medical and pharmacy claims study
David E. Mino, James E. Munterich, Liana D. Castel
Assessing the effectiveness of routine use of post-operative in-patient physical therapy services
Owoicho Adogwa, Aladine A. Elsamadicy, Jared Fialkoff, Victoria D. Vuong, Ankit I. Mehta, Raul A. Vasquez, Joseph Cheng, Isaac O. Karikari, Carlos A. Bagley
Effects of immediate post-operative pain medication on length of hospital stay: does it make a difference?
Aladine A. Elsamadicy, Owoicho Adogwa, Jared Fialkoff, Victoria D. Vuong, Ankit I. Mehta, Raul A. Vasquez, Joseph Cheng, Carlos A. Bagley, Isaac O. Karikari
Elastic modulus in the selection of interbody implants
Robert F. Heary, Naresh Parvathreddy, Sujitha Sampath, Nitin Agarwal
Subsidence following anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF): a prospective study
Prashanth J. Rao, Kevin Phan, Gloria Giang, Monish M. Maharaj, Steven Phan, Ralph J. Mobbs
Ex vivo 1H MR spectroscopy and histology after experimental chronic spinal cord compression
Stephan Duetzmann, Ulrich Pilatus, Volker Seifert, Gerhard Marquardt, Matthias Setzer
The contribution of the cortical shell to pedicle screw fixation
Matthew Henry Pelletier, Nicky Bertollo, Darweesh Al-Khawaja, William Robert Walsh
Accuracy of minimally invasive percutaneous thoracolumbar pedicle screws using 2D fluoroscopy: a retrospective review through 3D CT analysis
Mark J. Winder, Paul M. Gilhooly
Proximal junctional kyphosis in adult spinal deformity with long spinal fusion from T9/T10 to the ilium
Tatsuya Yasuda, Tomohiko Hasegawa, Yu Yamato, Sho Kobayashi, Daisuke Togawa, Shin Oe, Yukihiro Matsuyama
Static and dynamic cervical MRI: two useful exams in cervical myelopathy
Lorenzo Nigro, Pasquale Donnarumma, Roberto Tarantino, Marika Rullo, Antonio Santoro, Roberto Delfini

Review Article

Blunt vertebral vascular injury in trauma patients: ATLS® recommendations and review of current evidence
Roozbeh Shafafy, Sukrit Suresh, John O. Afolayan, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Jaykar R. Panchmatia

Masters of Spine Surgery

Anterior lumbar vertebrectomy via direct anterior approach: technical note
Ralph J. Mobbs, Andrew Lennox, Prashanth J. Rao, Kevin Phan, Wen Jie Choy

Case Report

Intraoperative navigation for accurate midline placement of anterior lumbar interbody fusion and total disc replacement prosthesis
Kevin Phan, Joshua Xu, Monish M. Maharaj, Ralph J. Mobbs
Different operative findings of cases predicted to be symptomatic discal pseudocysts after percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy
Ryutaro Shiboi, Yasushi Oshima, Takeshi Kaneko, Yuichi Takano, Hirohiko Inanami, Hisashi Koga
Minimally invasive fully endoscopic two-level posterior cervical foraminotomy: technical note
Ralf Wagner, Albert E. Telfeian, Menno Iprenburg, Guntram Krzok
Streptococcus intermedius: an unusual cause of spinal epidural abscess
Seba Ramhmdani, Ali Bydon
Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the spine: case report and review of the literature
Abdulrahman Albakr, Miranda Schell, Brian Drew, Aleksa Cenic
Contralateral facet-sparing sublaminar endoscopic foraminotomy for the treatment of lumbar lateral recess stenosis: technical note
Guntram Krzok, Albert E. Telfeian, Ralf Wagner, Christoph P. Hofstetter, Menno Iprenburg
Sublaminar wire migration into the medulla oblongata: a case report
Alex Koziarz, Mohammed Aref, Brian Vinh, Arun Mensinkai, Saleh A. Almenawer, Kesava Reddy
Unusual delayed presentation of superior mesenteric artery syndrome following scoliosis correction surgery—a case report and review of literature
Karthikeyan Maharajan, Joseph Shanthakumar Thambiah
Minimally invasive endoscopic spinal cord untethering: case report
Albert Edward Telfeian, Michael Punsoni, Christoph P. Hofstetter
Does sitting versus standing radiographic assessment of odontoid fractures matter? A case report
Ilyas S. Aleem, Yazeed Gussous, Michael King, Jeremy Fogelson, Ahmad Nassr, Bradford L. Currier
Solitary vertebral metastasis of primary clear cell carcinoma of the liver: a case report and review of literature
Karthikeyan Maharajan, Hwee Weng Dennis Hey, Ivan Tham, Thomas Paulraj Thamboo, Alvin Wong, Irfan Sagir Khan, Naresh Kumar
Thoracic juxtafacet cyst (JFC): a cause of spinal myelopathy
M. Burhan Janjua, Michael L. Smith, Kartik Shenoy, Yong H. Kim, Afshin E. Razi
C5 palsy after insertion of a winged expandable cervical cage: a case report and literature review
Lorenzo Nigro, Roberto Tarantino, Pasquale Donnarumma, Antonio Santoro, Roberto Delfini
A case of cervical tuberculosis with severe kyphosis treated with a winged expandable cage after double corpectomy
Lorenzo Nigro, Roberto Tarantino, Pasquale Donnarumma, Antonio Santoro, Roberto Delfini