Article Abstract

Design of a 3D navigation template to guide the screw trajectory in spine: a step-by-step approach using Mimics and 3-Matic software

Authors: Zhen-Hua Feng, Xiao-Bin Li, Kevin Phan, Zhi-Chao Hu, Kai Zhang, Jie Zhao, Wen-Fei Ni, Ai-Min Wu


Rapid development of 3D printing techniques has led to the design of navigation templates to assist with accurate insertion of pedicle screws in last decades. However, there are still without the precise step-by-step methods to design 3D navigation templates from computed tomography (CT) images. Our present article provides a detailed protocol to allow the readers or researchers to obtain the 3D navigation template easily, and assist with pedicle screw insertion in their future research and surgery. Using 3D navigation template-assisted pedicle screw fixation in spine surgery is low cost and can decrease the radiation exposure to both patients and surgeons.