Article Abstract

Scoliosis in Dandy-Walker syndrome: a case report and review of literature

Authors: Venugopal K. Menon, Tamer M. M. Sorur, Khalifa A. Al Ghafri, Marwan M. H. E. Shahin


This submission presents a case of scoliosis in a patient with established Dandy-Walker anomaly of the brain. A retrospective review of the patient’s case notes was undertaken and the limited literature on this subject reviewed. The 13-year-old girl presented with a stiff right thoracic scoliosis typical of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The scoliotic segment also presented with significant lordosis. She had facial and truncal dysmorphism characteristic of Dandy-Walker complex and her brain images confirmed the diagnosis. She underwent scoliosis surgery by the posterior approach uneventfully. In conclusion scoliosis is hitherto unreported in the Dandy-Walker complex. The results of intervention appear satisfactory.