Vol 6, No 4 (December 2020): Journal of Spine Surgery

Original Study

Restoring spinopelvic harmony with lateral lumbar interbody fusion: is it a realistic goal?
Mina Asaid, Aram Cox, Monique Breslin, Declan Siedler, Chester Sutterlin III, Arvind Dubey
Retrospective radiographic analysis of anterior lumbar fusion for high grade lumbar spondylolisthesis
Maziyar A. Kalani, Pelagia Kouloumberis, Alexandra E. Richards, Mark K. Lyons, Victor J. Davila, Matthew T. Neal
Implications of sagittal alignment and complication profile with stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody fusion versus anterior posterior lumbar fusion
Seth Ahlquist, Rachel Thommen, Howard Y. Park, William Sheppard, Kevin James, Elizabeth Lord, Arya N. Shamie, Don Y. Park
Symptomatic pseudarthrosis requiring revision surgery after 1- or 2-level ACDF with plating: peek versus allograft
Abdul Fettah Buyuk, Ikemefuna Onyekwelu, Christian J. Gaffney, Amir A. Mehbod, John M. Dawson, Timothy A. Garvey, Benjamin Mueller, James D. Schwender
Multi-modal pain control regimen for anterior lumbar fusion drastically reduces in-hospital opioid consumption
Yoji Ogura, Jeffrey L. Gum, Portia Steele, Charles H. Crawford III, Mladen Djurasovic, R. Kirk Owens II, Joseph L. Laratta, Eric Davis, Morgan Brown, Christy Daniels, John R. Dimar II, Steven D. Glassman, Leah Y. Carreon
Concomitant back and leg pain as predictors for trajectories of poor outcome after single level lumbar micro-decompression alone and with micro-discectomy: a study of 3,308 patients
Roberto Carrasco, Mahmoud Elmalky, Silviu Sabou, John Leach, Rajat Verma, Saeed Mohammad, Irfan Siddique
Prospective analysis of radiofrequency denervation in patients with chronic low back pain
Álvaro Los Santos Aransay, Álvaro Camblor Valladares, Roi Castro Muñoz, Ángel Ramón Piñera Parrilla, Iván Pipa Muñiz, Lorien García Cuello, Javier Mateo Negreira
Factors important in bone union after posterior lumbar interbody fusion using the cortical bone trajectory technique
Yoshihide Yanai, Keitaro Matsukawa, Takashi Kato, Yoshiyuki Yato
Cost analysis comparison between conventional microsurgical decompression and full-endoscopic interlaminar decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis surgery
Prudence Wing Hang Cheung, Carlos King Ho Wong, Sin Ting Lau, Jason Pui Yin Cheung

Editorial on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Editorial on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection (PSII)
Matthias Pumberger

Review Article on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Trends in lumbar spinal fusion—a literature review
Marie-Jacqueline Reisener, Matthias Pumberger, Jennifer Shue, Federico P. Girardi, Alexander P. Hughes

Editorial Commentary on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Epidemiology of postoperative spinal implant infections
Friederike Schömig, Jaspaul Gogia, John Caridi

Review Article on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Clinical presentation and diagnosis of acute postoperative spinal implant infection (PSII)
Timo Zippelius, Justus Bürger, Friederike Schömig, Michael Putzier, Georg Matziolis, Patrick Strube

Editorial on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Clinical presentation and diagnosis of delayed postoperative spinal implant infection
Friederike Schömig, Michael Putzier

Editorial on Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection1

Patient-reported outcomes in spinal surgery—how can we keep getting better?
Claudia Hartmann, Kathrin Fischer, Hannah Haneke, Valerie Kirchberger


1.The series “Postoperative Spinal Implant Infection” was commissioned by the editorialoffice, Journal of Spine Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. MatthiasPumberger served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.