Dongxiao Xie, MD

Department of Orthopedics Surgery, Children Hospital of Hebei Province, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang City, China

Dongxiao Xie is an attending doctor from Department of Orthopedics Surgery in the Children Hospital of Hebei Province. Also he is a student pursing doctor degree in Hebei medical university.

After having obtained his master degree in Hebei medical university at the Year 2013, he entered Children Hospital of Hebei Province, completed his residency and decided to be an orthopedic surgeon. He was promoted as an attending doctor at the Year 2015, and visited Beijing children hospital next Year, mentored by Dr. Xuejun Zhang, to learn the advances in the fields of Spine-deformity.

Dr. Xie is a physician, and a scientist. He focused his clinical and research work on early onset scoliosis(EOS), adolescent idiopathic scoliosis(AIS) and other spine-deformity for several years. As a surgeon, he is not only skilled at invasive procedures, like single/double growing rod techniques, but also good at casting for early onset scoliosis. For the recent years, he developed a new procedure in the process of serial casting for EOS. Besides, he has a research team on EOS, AIS and other spine-deformity.

Dr. Xie holds the membership in some societies and organizations as a member of Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, and Pediatric Neurosurgery Specialized Committee of Hebei Association of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, et al.