Vol 5, No 4 (December 2019): Journal of Spine Surgery

Original Study

Comparison of M6-C and Mobi-C cervical total disc replacement for cervical degenerative disc disease in adults
Nicholas Hui, Kevin Phan, Jack Kerferd, Meiyi Lee, Ralph J. Mobbs
Radiological outcomes following hyperlordotic cage insertion in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
Dianna Li, Katherine Poulgrain, Andrew Kam
Minimal invasive surgical algorithm for revision lumbar spinal surgery
Yu Chao Lee, Robert Lee
Patients with ankylosing spondylitis suffering from AO Type B3 traumatic thoracolumbar fractures are associated with increased frailty and morbidity when compared with patients with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis
Terence Tan, Milly S. Huang, Martin K. Hunn, Jin Tee
Anterior lumbar interbody fusion in a lateral decubitus position: technique and outcomes in obese patients
Gregory M. Malham, Timothy P. Wagner, Matthew H. Claydon
Accuracy of cortical bone trajectory screw placement in midline lumbar fusion (MIDLF) with intraoperative cone beam navigation
Joseph L. Laratta, Jamal N. Shillingford, Andrew J. Pugely, Karishma Gupta, Jeffrey L. Gum, Mladen Djurasovic, Charles H. Crawford
The Berg balance scale for assessing dynamic stability and balance in the adult spinal deformity (ASD) population
Joseph L. Laratta, Steven D. Glassman, Abiola A. Atanda, John R. Dimar, Jeffrey L. Gum, Charles H. Crawford III, Kelly Bratcher, Leah Y. Carreon
Computer-assisted surgical navigation is associated with an increased risk of neurological complications: a review of 67,264 posterolateral lumbar fusion cases
Remi M. Ajiboye, Jayme C. B. Koltsov, Brian Karamian, Steven Swinford, Blake K. Montgomery, Alexander Arzeno, Chason Ziino, Ivan Cheng
Early surgical intervention among patients with acute central cord syndrome is not associated with higher mortality and morbidity
Jakub Godzik, Jonathan Dalton, Courtney Hemphill, Corey Walker, Kristina Chapple, Alan Cook, Juan S. Uribe, Jay D. Turner
Risk factors for delay in surgery for patients undergoing elective anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
Sean P. Renfree, Justin L. Makovicka, Andrew S. Chung
An evaluation of the host response to an interspinous process device based on a series of spine explants: Device for Intervertebral Assisted Motion (DIAM®)
Jeffrey M. Toth, Justin D. Bric
Surgical management of symptomatic Tarlov cysts: cyst fenestration and nerve root imbrication—a single institutional experience
Khalid Medani, Shokry Lawandy, Rudolph Schrot, Jose N. Binongo, Kee D. Kim, Ripul R. Panchal
Clinical outcomes for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with silicon nitride spine cages: a multicenter study
Graham C. Calvert, George VanBuren Huffmon III, William M. Rambo Jr, Micah W. Smith, Bryan J. McEntire, B. Sonny Bal
The clinical and radiological outcomes of multilevel posterior lumbar interbody fusion in the treatment of degenerative scoliosis: a consecutive case series with minimum 2 years follow up
Silviu Sabou, Roberto Carrasco, Rajat Verma, Irfan Siddique, Saeed Mohammad
A protective method to reduce radiation exposure to the surgeon during endoscopic lumbar spine surgery
Keisuske Ishii, Hiroki Iwai, Hiroyuki Oka, Katsutoshi Otomo, Hirohiko Inanami
The effect of increasing body mass index on the pain and function of patients with adult spinal deformity
David Christopher Kieser, Michael Charles Wyatt, Louis Boissiere, Kazunori Hayashi, Derek Thomas Cawley, Caglar Yilgor, Daniel Larrieu, Takashi Fujishiro, Ahmet Alanay, Emre Acaroglu, Frank Kleinstueck, Ferran Pellisé, Francisco Javier Sánchez Perez-Grueso, Anouar Bourghli, Jean-Marc Vital, Olivier Gille, Ibrahim Obeid, on behalf of the European Spine Study Group
Posterior cervical foraminotomy for cervical radiculopathy: should cervical alignment be considered?
Seok Won Chung, Hyun Jun Kim, Sang Ho Lee, Shin Young Lee, Min Soo Kang, Yong Hwan Shin, Chan Hong Park