Vol 5, No 2 (June 2019): Journal of Spine Surgery

Original Study

Decreased estimated blood loss in lateral trans-psoas versus anterior approach to lumbar interbody fusion for degenerative spondylolisthesis
L. Henry Goodnough, Jayme Koltsov, Tianyi Wang, Grace Xiong, Karthik Nathan, Ivan Cheng
Vertebral height restoration following kyphoplasty
James H. Mooney, John Amburgy, Mitchell Self, Bonita S. Agee, Leah Schoel, Patrick R. Pritchard, Melissa Rene Chambers
Analysis of single-position for revision surgery using lateral interbody fusion and pedicle screw fixation: feasibility and perioperative results
Chason Ziino, Alexander Arzeno, Ivan Cheng
The operative treatment of shoulder pain in patients with a concurrent diagnosis of cervical spondylosis and shoulder dysfunction
Ajith Malige, Paul N. Morton, Gregory F. Carolan, Gbolabo Sokunbi
Assessment of a rabbit posterolateral spinal fusion using movement between vertebrae: a modification of the palpation exam for quantifying fusions
Sohrab S. Virk, Alex Aurand, Alicia L. Bertone, Hayam Hussein, Mari Kaido, William S. Marras, Safdar N. Khan
The prevalence of complications associated with lumbar and thoracic spinal deformity surgery in the elderly population: a meta-analysis
Colleen Smith, Nayan Lamba, Zhonghui Ou, Quynh-Anh Vo, Lita Araujo-Lama, Sanghee Lim, Dhaivat Joshi, Joanne Doucette, Stefania Papatheodorou, Ian Tafel, Linda S. Aglio, Timothy R. Smith, Rania A. Mekary, Hasan Zaidi
Limited morbidity and possible radiographic benefit of C2 vs. subaxial cervical upper-most instrumented vertebrae
Peter G. Passias, Cole A. Bortz, Frank Segreto, Samantha Horn, Katherine E. Pierce, Haddy Alas, Avery E. Brown, Renaud Lafage, Virginie Lafage, Justin S. Smith, Breton Line, Robert Eastlack, Daniel M. Sciubba, Eric O. Klineberg, Alexandra Soroceanu, Douglas C. Burton, Frank J. Schwab, Shay Bess, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Christopher P. Ames, on behalf of the International Spine Study Group (ISSG)
Are dorsal ramus nerve blocks the solution to postoperative lumbar spine surgery pain?
Mark G. Williams, Brian Rigney, Ahmad Wafai, Andrew Walder
Carbon-fibre cage reconstruction in anterior cervical corpectomy for multilevel cervical spondylosis: mid-term outcomes
Derek T. Cawley, Abdulmajeed Alzakri, Takashi Fujishiro, David C. Kieser, Celeste Tavalaro, Louis Boissiere, Ibrahim Obeid, Vincent Pointillart, Jean Marc Vital, Olivier Gille
Open facet joint denervation as an adjunct in patients undergoing posterior lumbar decompression for spinal stenosis—a single blinded randomized controlled trial
Ali Faqeeh, David Yen
Quantitative analysis of indirect decompression in extreme lateral interbody fusion and posterior spinal fusion with a percutaneous pedicle screw system for lumbar spinal stenosis
Hiroshi Nomura, Akihisa Yamashita, Tetsuya Watanabe, Kenzo Shirasawa