Vol 4, No 2 (June 2018): Journal of Spine Surgery

Original Study

Minimally invasive stabilization of the fractured ankylosed spine: a comparative case series study
Francis Brooks, Matthew Rackham, Ben Williams, Deb Roy, Yu Chao Lee, Michael Selby
The combined administration of vancomycin IV, standard prophylactic antibiotics, and vancomycin powder in spinal instrumentation surgery: does the routine use affect infection rates and bacterial resistance?
Howard Young Park, William Sheppard, Ryan Smith, Jiayang Xiao, Jonathan Gatto, Richard Bowen, Anthony Scaduto, Langston Holly, Daniel Lu, Duncan McBride, Arya Nick Shamie, Don Young Park
Biomechanical evaluation of interbody fixation with secondary augmentation: lateral lumbar interbody fusion versus posterior lumbar interbody fusion
Jakub Godzik, Samuel Kalb, Marco T. Reis, Phillip M. Reyes, Vaneet Singh, Anna G. U. S. Newcomb, Steve W. Chang, Brian P. Kelly, Neil R. Crawford
Accuracy of robot-assisted pedicle screw insertion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: is triggered electromyographic pedicle screw stimulation necessary?
K. Aaron Shaw, Joshua S. Murphy, Dennis P. Devito
A psoas splitting approach developed for outpatient lateral interbody fusion versus a standard transpsoas approach
Kingsley R. Chin, Fabio J. R. Pencle, Morgan D. Brown, Jason A. Seale
Differences in primary and revision deformity surgeries: following 1,063 primary thoracolumbar adult spinal deformity fusions over time
Gregory W. Poorman, Peter L. Zhou, Dennis Vasquez-Montes, Samantha Horn, Cole Bortz, Frank Segreto, Joshua Auerbach, John Y. Moon, Jared C. Tishelman, Michael C. Gerling, Bassel G. Diebo, Rafael De La Garza-Ramos, Justin C. Paul, Peter G. Passias
Utilization of intraoperative neuromonitoring throughout the United States over a recent decade: an analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample
Joseph L. Laratta, Jamal N. Shillingford, Alex Ha, Joseph M. Lombardi, Hemant P. Reddy, Comron Saifi, Steven C. Ludwig, Ronald A. Lehman, Lawrence G. Lenke
Post-operative drain use in patients undergoing decompression and fusion: incidence of complications and symptomatic hematoma
Owoicho Adogwa, Aladine A. Elsamadicy, Amanda R. Sergesketter, Ronnie L. Shammas, Sohrab Vatsia, Victoria D. Vuong, Syed Khalid, Joseph Cheng, Carlos A. Bagley, Isaac O. Karikari
The use of subfascial drains after multi-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: does the data support its use?
Owoicho Adogwa, Syed I. Khalid, Aladine A. Elsamadicy, Victoria D. Voung, Daniel T. Lilly, Shyam A. Desai, Amanda R. Sergesketter, Joseph Cheng, Isaac O. Karikari
Incidence and risk factors of wound complications in long segment instrumented thoracolumbar spinal fusions: a retrospective study
Cindy R. Nahhas, Kimberly Hu, Ankit I. Mehta
Non-neurological outcomes of anterior and posterolateral approaches in the surgical treatment of thoracic disc disease: a retrospective study
Cindy R. Nahhas, Justin K. Scheer, Syed I. Khalid, Owoicho Adogwa, Gregory D. Arnone, Abhiraj D. Bhimani, Pouyan Kheirkhah, Ankit I. Mehta
Neurologic adverse event avoidance in lateral lumbar interbody fusion: technical considerations using muscle relaxants
Guy R. Fogel, Laurence Rosen, Jayme Carolynn Burket Koltsov, Ivan Cheng
Limited post-operative dexamethasone use does not affect lumbar fusion: a single institutional experience
Owoicho Adogwa, Victoria D. Vuong, Daniel T. Lilly, Shyam A. Desai, Ryan Khanna, Shahjehan Ahmad, Josha Woodward, Syed Khalid, Joseph Cheng
The impact of insurance coverage on access to orthopedic spine care
Dale N. Segal, Zachary J. Grabel, Weilong J. Shi, Michael B. Gottschalk, Scott D. Boden
Discharge to skilled-care or rehabilitation following elective anterior cervical discectomy and fusion increases the risk of 30-day re-admissions and post-discharge complications
Azeem Tariq Malik, Nikhil Jain, Elizabeth Yu, Jeffery Kim, Safdar N. Khan
Hypothyroidism increases 90-day postoperative complications in patients undergoing primary single level anterior cervical disectomy and fusion: a matched control analysis
Rushabh M. Vakharia, Ajit M. Vakharia, Bijan Ameri, Timothy Niedzielak, Chester J. Donnally III, John P. Malloy IV
Length of stay associated with posterior cervical fusion with intervertebral cages: experience from a device registry
Kris Siemionow, William Smith, Mark Gillespy, Bruce M. McCormack, Mukund I. Gundanna, Jon E. Block
Complications associated with intrathecal morphine in spine surgery: a retrospective study
Arif Pendi, Yu-Po Lee, Saif Al-Deen B. Farhan, Frank L. Acosta, S. Samuel Bederman, Ronald Sahyouni, Elias R. Gerrick, Nitin N. Bhatia
Evaluating cervical deformity corrective surgery outcomes at 1-year using current patient-derived and functional measures: are they adequate?
Peter G. Passias, Samantha R. Horn, Cheongeun Oh, Subaraman Ramchandran, Douglas C. Burton, Virginie Lafage, Renaud Lafage, Gregory W. Poorman, Leah Steinmetz, Frank A. Segreto, Cole A. Bortz, Justin S. Smith, Christopher Ames, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Han Jo Kim, Alexandra Soroceanu, Eric O. Klineberg, International Spine Study Group (ISSG)
Thirty-day complication and readmission rates associated with resection of metastatic spinal tumors: a single institutional experience
Aladine A. Elsamadicy, Owoicho Adogwa, David T. Lubkin, Amanda R. Sergesketter, Sohrab Vatsia, Eric W. Sankey, Joseph Cheng, Carlos A. Bagley, Isaac O. Karikari
View of U.S. spine surgeons regarding cost reduction measures
Arif Pendi, Saif Al-Deen B. Farhan, Darren Raphael, Joseph B. Rinehart, Zeev N. Kain, S. Samuel Bederman
Utilization of the 3D-printed spine model for freehand pedicle screw placement in complex spinal deformity correction
Lee A. Tan, Ketan Yerneni, Alexander Tuchman, Xudong J. Li, Meghan Cerpa, Ronald A. Lehman Jr, Lawrence G. Lenke
Kyphoplasty patient-centered outcomes via questionnaire
Daniel Carr, Richard Cook, Doris Tong, Matthew Bahoura, Jennifer Kanack, Alicja Sobilo, Stephanie Falatko, Beverly C. Walters, Ryan Barrett
Incidence and predictors of all-cause mortality within one year after adult spinal deformity surgery
Scott L. Zuckerman, Nikita Lakomkin, Justin S. Smith, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Clinton J. Devin
Cervical sagittal alignment and the impact of posterior spinal instrumented fusion in patients with Lenke type 1 adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Ryan J. Berger, Assem A. Sultan, Joseph E. Tanenbaum, William A. Cantrell, David P. Gurd, Thomas E. Kuivila, Thomas E. Mroz, Michael P. Steinmetz, Ryan C. Goodwin
A single center retrospective clinical evaluation of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion comparing allograft spacers to silicon nitride cages
Micah W. Smith, Daniel R. Romano, Bryan J. McEntire, B. Sonny Bal
Surgical management of U/H type sacral fractures: outcomes following iliosacral and lumbopelvic fixation
Meghan Kelly, Jun Zhang, Catherine A. Humphrey, John T. Gorczyca, Addisu Mesfin
Timing of surgery and radiotherapy in the management of metastatic spine disease: expert opinion
Robert S. Lee, Juliet Batke, Lorna Weir, Nicolas Dea, Charles G. Fisher
Case series of posterior instrumentation for repair of burst lumbar vertebral body fractures with entrapped neural elements
Haider Kareem, Muhammad Hasan Raza, Vassilios Kontojannis, Amr Nimer, Kevin Tsang
A review of 571 radiographs on Tuffier’s inter-cristal line and its’ application in lumbar spinal surgery
Ahmed Chowdhury, Himanshu Sharma
The impact of urgent intervention on the neurologic recovery in patients with thoracolumbar fractures
José Ramírez-Villaescusa, Jesús López-Torres Hidalgo, David Ruiz-Picazo, Antonio Martin-Benlloch, Pedro Torres-Lozano, Eloy Portero-Martinez
Delayed surgery in neurologically intact patients affected by thoraco-lumbar junction burst fractures: to reduce pain and improve quality of life
Lorenzo Nigro, Roberto Tarantino, Pasquale Donnarumma, Marika Rullo, Antonio Santoro, Roberto Delfini
The K-line in the cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament is different on plain radiographs and CT images
Yasushi Ijima, Takeo Furuya, Mitsutoshi Ota, Satoshi Maki, Junya Saito, Mitsuhiro Kitamura, Takuya Miyamoto, Seiji Ohtori, Sumihisa Orita, Kazuhide Inage, Takane Suzuki, Masashi Yamazaki, Masao Koda
Microendoscope-assisted posterior lumbar interbody fusion: a technical note
Hirohiko Inanami, Fumiko Saiki, Yasushi Oshima
The effectiveness of non-surgical treatments, re-discectomy and minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in postdiscectomy pain syndrome
Mehmet Nuri Erdem, Halil Yener Erken, Mehmet Aydogan

Review Article

Ultrasound diagnosis and therapeutic intervention in the spine
Adil S. Ahmed, Raahul Ramakrishnan, Vignesh Ramachandran, Shyam S. Ramachandran, Kevin Phan, Erik L. Antonsen
Effects of spaceflight on cartilage: implications on spinal physiology
Vignesh Ramachandran, Ruifei Wang, Shyam S. Ramachandran, Adil S. Ahmed, Kevin Phan, Erik L. Antonsen
Spinal arachnoid web—a review article
Haitham Ben Ali, Preci Hamilton, Stefan Zygmunt, Kamal Makram Yakoub
The evolution of partial undercutting facetectomy in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis
Derek T. Cawley, Ravi Shenoy, Adam Benton, Senthil Muthian, Susanne Selvadurai, John R. Johnson, Sean Molloy
Spine surgery registries: hope for evidence-based spinal care?
Maryem Ismael, Jorge Hugo Villafañe, Federico Cabitza, Giuseppe Banfi, Pedro Berjano