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Review Article

Trends in lumbar spinal fusion—a literature review
Marie-Jacqueline Reisener, Matthias Pumberger, Jennifer Shue, Federico P. Girardi, Alexander P. Hughes
Clinical presentation and diagnosis of acute postoperative spinal implant infection (PSII)
Timo Zippelius, Justus Bürger, Friederike Schömig, Michael Putzier, Georg Matziolis, Patrick Strube
Future directions of postoperative spinal implant infections
Max Jägersberg, Susanne Feihl, Florian Ringel
Antibiotic treatment of postoperative spinal implant infections
Yannick Palmowski, Justus Bürger, Arne Kienzle, Andrej Trampuz
Comprehensive treatment algorithm of postoperative spinal implant infection
Justus Bürger, Yannick Palmowski, Matthias Pumberger
Surgical revision strategies for postoperative spinal implant infections (PSII)
Vincent Prinz, Peter Vajkoczy
Implications for diagnosis and treatment of peri-spinal implant infections from experiences in periprosthetic joint infections—a literature comparison and review
Daniel Karczewski, Matthias Pumberger, Michael Müller, Octavian Andronic, Carsten Perka, Tobias Winkler

Editorial Commentary

Epidemiology of postoperative spinal implant infections
Friederike Schömig, Jaspaul Gogia, John Caridi