Article Abstract

Costotransversectomy plus hemilaminectomy as alternative surgical approach for extramedullary intradural thoracic schwannoma resection with and without extradural extension in pediatric population three cases and literature review

Authors: Alfonso Marhx Bracho, Juan Esteban Muñoz Montoya, Nadia Pérez Peña Rosas, Gabriel Carrillo Marhx, Esteban Ramírez Ferrer


Extramedullary intradural tumors constitute up to 25% of the spinal tumors. Commonly, schwannomas that presents with extradural and intradural compromise are called dumbbell-shaped tumor. The thoracic spine is a common localization for these tumors, especially in pediatric population. Given this surgically difficult localization, some classic approaches for spine tumors can be mixed with modified approaches like the costotransversectomy. The main objective of this report is expose three different pediatric cases in which mixed approach (costotransversectomy plus hemilaminectomy) was implemented for thoracic spine dumbbell-shaped schwannoma resection. It was achieved complete surgical resection without major perioperative complications in the three cases.