The implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) in complex spinal surgery

Michelle Angus, Kelly Jackson, Glyn Smurthwaite, Roberto Carrasco, Saeed Mohammad, Rajat Verma, Irfan Siddique


Background: This paper aims to review the introduction of an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) service within complex spinal surgery, with an aim to assess if this is a cost effective way to improve the overall experience of such complex surgery.
Methods: The ERAS model was defined and followed within a regional centre for complex spinal surgery in the UK. Outcomes such as length of stay (LOS) and satisfaction were measured before and after implementation of the service.
Results: LOS was reduced and both patient and staff satisfaction improved following the implementation of the ERAS service.
Conclusions: The ERAS model can successfully be implemented within complex spinal surgery, to help improve satisfaction and reduce cost.