The 100 most influential spine fracture publications

Chester J. Donnally III, Sebastian Rivera, Augustus J. Rush III, Kevin J. Bondar, Allison L. Boden, Michael Y. Wang


Background: Management of spine fractures has advanced considerably even over the past decade. A review of the current and historical literature can lead to a better appreciation of current management protocols. This is the first comprehensive review of the most influential articles related to spine fracture management. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the 100 most cited publications in spine fracture management.
Methods: Using the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, search phrases were used to identify publications pertaining to spine fractures (110,809 publications). The 100 most cited articles were isolated. The frequency of citations, year of publication, country of origin, journal of publication, level-of-evidence (LOE), article type, and contributing authors/institutions were recorded. We also highlighted the ten most cited articles (per year) from the past decade.
Results: The publications included ranged from 1953–2010, with the majority published between 2000–2009 (n=41). Total citations ranged from 154 to 1,076. A LOE of IV had the plurality at 36%. The most cited article was “The 3 Column Spine and Its Significance in The Classification of Acute Thoracolumbar Spinal-Injuries” (Spine 1983) by F Denis. The majority of papers originated in the United States (n=65), and the highest number were published in Spine (n=27). Osteoporotic fractures were the specific topic in 34 publications. In the past decade, the article with the most citations/year was “A Randomized Trial of Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Spinal Fractures” by DF Kalmes in 2009.
Conclusions: Despite less time for citation than other decades, the 2000s contain the plurality of the influential publications. This may indicate that some of the most important changes to spine fracture management pertain to improved imaging modalities and surgical technologies. This review provides a guide for a comprehensive understanding of the historical and current literature pertaining to spine fracture management.