Response to comment from Dr. Yassari et al.

Wiktor Urbanski


We appreciate for the thoughtful insight of Dr. Yassari et al. We would like to stress that we are not against navigation, on the contrary, we believe that it has important place in spinal surgery. We completely agree that there are excellent indications for navigation; “advanced degenerative disease, revision procedures, patients with complicated and severe deformity, minimally invasive spine surgery, and complicated spinal tumours” as it was very well put in the comment. In fact, in our institution we frequently use 3D image-based navigation to insert cervical pedicle screws or for the percutaneous procedures. Nevertheless, the idea of our paper was to present series of patients, which were neither complex nor challenging. Moderate scoliosis cases included to the study, one might call “routine”, “everyday cases”. Results of our studies suggest that in this group of patients’ applications of navigation is not beneficial and in view of significantly increased radiation it does not seem to be justified.