Article Abstract

Spinal metastases of two different grade oligodendrogliomas: a case report and review of literature

Authors: Carlos Enrique Maiguel Carrizosa, Maria Gabriela Sanchez Paez, Andreina Martinez Amado, Andrea Gonzalez Gutierrez, Maria Emma Garcia Ardila


Oligodendrogliomas (OGD) are glial tumors, together with mixed oligoastrocytoma constituting 5–20% of all gliomas, which occur predominantly in younger populations and are managed with surgery and chemotherapy with good long-term prognosis after treatment and additionally present with low rates of metastases. We present the case of a 46-year-old patient with intracranial right frontal subcortical OGD [World Health Organisation (WHO) grade II] managed at the Neurosurgery Department in Foscal Clinic, Floridablanca, Colombia. Two years after brain surgery the patient presents with neurological symptomatology suggestive of spinal cord compression and is found to have a neoplastic lesion with extra medullary compressive strength on the conus medullary and wrapping all of the roots with the final report of pathology and immunohistochemistry indicating: OGD (WHO grade III), this lesion was the only one found, the brain studies shows any residual tumor or recurrence in the primary tumor site.